Family Portraits

Family is the heart of life, an important part of what makes us who we are. Family portraits are a wonderful way to show the uniqueness of your family. Whether it’s a small intimate family or a big crazy family, CP Portraits will capture and highlight the love, laughter and beauty of your family.

Before the kids are all grown-up and starting their own lives, while you still have that special time when everyone is still under one roof, capture this moment of life to remember for a lifetime.

If your family is like any other family, getting everyone organized and ready for anything can be quite the struggle. Here are some tips for getting your family ready to take the perfect family portrait.


Comfort is a big part of what makes a photo truly amazing. Before your scheduled appointment, make sure everyone has eaten something light, is well rested, and is wearing comfortable clothing. If a member of your family is uncomfortable, cranky, tired, or hungry, it will appear in the photo. You want to do all you can to ensure your family is at it’s best during the appointment.


It may have been a trend to have everyone where the same exact matching outfit years ago, but today it looks like a photo right out of “Awkward Family Photos”. Instead of dressing everyone identical, pick colors, along with style that fit a certain scheme. For example, have everyone dress casual and stick to cool colors like blues, purples, grays, etc; they don’t necessarily have to match, they should just follow a similar scheme. The same goes for the type of clothing; everyone should stick to a theme, whether it be casual, beachy, dressy, outdoorsy, etc.

Also, keep in mind that these photos will end up on the walls of your home. If your walls are painted a light blue color, going with a warm color scheme like reds and oranges will look silly later when you hang the photo. Choose something that will mesh well with the rest of your home.

Some things you may want to avoid: patterns, graphic tees, and all white.


Props are a great way to express your family’s values or culture. For example, clothing or accessories from your specific culture are ideal for a few shots; a family heirloom or a watch or piece of jewelry is also a great choice.

Your family is an important part of your life! Don’t wait to capture the true beauty and love of your family. Contact CP Portraits for questions or to schedule and appointment.

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