Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for every member of the family, especially the parents-to-be, however pregnancy also goes by so fast – nine months can seem like a blink of an eye! What better way to remember this beautiful moment in time than to document it by getting professional portraits done?

Maternity photos can be easy if you arrive prepared for the experience and comfortable with being photographed. Here are some quick tips to ensure your photos surpass your expectations.


Maternity photos are typically taken around 7-8 months of pregnancy, which means you could be quite tired after a short while of posing for the camera. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to come well rested and with a little food in your stomach to hold you over. Your comfort is important during the photo-shoot process because the less comfortable you are, the less photogenic you’ll appear on camera.


This means you should also dress comfortably. Pregnancy can make your body feel uncomfortable and unflattering in a lot of different outfits so plan accordingly. Come with a number of different outfits to change into if something doesn’t seem to be working. The best thing to wear to stay comfortable, look flattering, and show of your baby bump is to wear something thin and clingy, but NOT tight. Be sure there is a little bit of stretch in the fabric as well. As far as pants go, black yoga pants are a comfortable option that also look clean and simple.

Your spouse should wear something that reflects your outfit. If you are planning to wear black yoga pants and a dark blue top, your spouse might look good in a dark-wash jean and a gray shirt. Keep cooler colors together and warmer colors together. Think about complementing one another.


If you’d like to bring a prop to reflect your culture, values, or personality you may. For example, a sari with a simple cross necklace, wearing cute glasses instead of contacts (if applicable), a significant piece of jewelry or hair piece, etc. Other ideas are ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, baby outfits, blocks to spell the name (I have these as well).

Don’t hesitate any longer! Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time that goes by too quickly. Contact CP Portraits today to schedule your appointment.

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