Newborn Photos

Like pregnancy, infancy goes by fast. Babies’ features change everyday, and they no longer look like a newborn within just a few weeks. Pregnancy was a wonderful time and maternity photos were a great way to document that, so why not document your beautiful newborn?

Within the first 4-12 days, you’ll want to schedule your appointment for your newborn photos. This is the perfect time to allow you to get adjusted to the new lifestyle, while allowing CP Portraits to capture your precious newborn in the brand new stage. This is also the easiest time to capture beautiful photos because newborns are typically sleeping for a lengthy time.

Below are tips to help your newborn photo shoot go as smoothly as possibly.


As mentioned previously, scheduling your session is an important part of capturing the perfect newborn photo. You’ll want to call and schedule an appointment before the birth of your newborn to ensure the week or two after their arrival will be open.


The easiest and most beautiful photos are when your newborn is fast asleep. For this to work, try to make sure your baby hasn’t slept too long before so they are nice and sleepy for their photo shoot. Also, make sure your baby is well fed prior to the session to ensure comfort and happiness during the shoot; this makes the photos easier and your baby more relaxed. The house should also be HOT, if you are sweating a naked baby will be extra happy.

Another way to keep baby relaxed is to keep the volume low. During the newborn session, whispers or hushed talking to keep the noise level down is best. A white noise is also recommended, one will be provided if you do not have one.

Plan Accordingly

Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Be sure to have outfits, diapers and anything else you might need for feedings and changings, along with anything mom, dad or an older sibling might need set out and ready to go.

Don’t be embarrassed if your baby goes to the bathroom on any blankets, props, or hands for that matter, it may happen from time to time, just stay relaxed and don’t stress what can easily be cleaned up. Staying calm and relaxed during the session is very important; your little one can sense when something is wrong. 

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