Senior Portraits

seniors_IMG_3770Senior year of high school is an important time in every teenager’s life. Prom, graduation, applying for college, and the overall sense of a chapter in life coming to a close and a new one beginning. Senior portraits are a wonderful way to reflect this sentiment and create a photo to represent who you were at that point in life.

For yearbook use, most schools require a simple head shot along with a photo that represents who the student is as a person. CP Portraits can capture each style of senior portraits for you.

If you’re nervous about the session, take a look at the tips below to help you feel most natural and comfortable during your senior photo shoot.

Come Prepared

Keep in mind that most highschoolers are not professional models and don’t know how to pose or look to express a certain emotion or create an easy smile – that’s where CP Portraits comes in. There’s no need to worry over how to pose or how to hold you face, that will all be taken care of for you as you are guided easily through your session.

Remember to arrive on time! Every minute late is a minute lost of camera time, and sometimes every minute behind the camera is needed.


Be sure you arrive to your session coming off of a good night’s sleep so you are well rested. Also, make sure you have eaten something light to hold you over during your photo shoot, but not something too heavy so that you feel uncomfortable or bloated.

Plan your outfit and a few spare outfits to make sure you will be comfortable in what you’re wearing during your appointment. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you’ll feel – which leads to amazing shots.


As mentioned previously, plan your outfits ahead of time so you are relaxed and comfortable with your choices. Have everything on hangers, ironed, neat, tidy, and ready to wear.
Remember to dress in a way that flatters you and strengthens your features. If you are uncomfortable showing your arms or legs, make sure you wear pants and avoid sleeveless or tank tops.

Stay away from prints, graphic tees, and too much pattern. Your best bet is to stay with solid colors and bring an array of different ones. Pick a few cooler tones and some warm and neutral tones. Also, pick a couple of different styles that range from casual to dressy. You are more than welcome to bring dresses or skirts to wear.

Shoes are an important part of your outfit. For girls, heels look great but keep in mind all images are outside and on location. Try to stay away from old sneakers or dirty shoes.

Hair & Makeup

Hair should be mostly done before you arrive and only altered throughout the session. Keep hairspray, bobby pins, clips, and elastic bands with you to keep your hair out of your eyes. Your face should not be covered by strands of hair (unless you have bangs of course). Also, avoid getting a drastic color change or drastic haircut before your photo shoot; this will only cause you unneeded stress.

Makeup is a great way to even out skin tone, cover blotches or blemishes, or scarring. If you typically don’t wear makeup you are still encouraged to wear some, just keep it natural looking.


You are MORE THAN ENCOURAGED to bring as many props as you’d like! Props are the best way to express who you are and your personality. For example, musical instruments like an orchestra instrument or sports equipment such as soccer balls, basketballs, etc. Sports, cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance outfits/costumes are also great choices to show your uniqueness.

For more questions or to schedule your senior portrait session, contact CP Portraits.senior portrait photographer saratoga ny 1


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